You should consider VGB to finally lose those pounds

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Losing weight is extremely difficult for most people, we know how it feels like to lose all those pounds. The more overweight you are, the bigger the mental block you’ll have to break in order to successfully lose weight. There are many ways to lose weight such as dieting but they do not actually change your mentality, they simply restrict you from eating which means that it does not work for everyone. If you have tried to lose weight in the past and failed, virtual gastric bypass (VGB) should definitely be considered as it attacks the root of the problem.

What is VGB?

Virtual Gastric Bypass, or VGB for short, is a hypnotherapy technique where a hypnotherapist examines your subconciousness and makes you feel as if you had a physical gastric band fitted around your stomach in order to make it smaller, but without the surgery and complex medical procedure required. It is an alternative to the actual gastric bypass surgery and is non-invasive and comes with no risks associated with surgery which means that it provides a positive effect without the side effects. During a VGB session, the hypnotherapist will help you on an unconscious level in order to make you believe that you have actually had a physical gastric bypass surgery. They will look at and identify the root cause of your emotional eating and encourage you to remember long-forgotten food experiences that were affecting your subconscious mind. Your eating patterns, reactions and behaviours are identified which can help you address those patterns or reactions as well. By recognizing and addressing underlying issues and identifying your triggers as well as working with the subconscious mind, VGB will help you make huge lifestyle changes without any medical procedures required and it significantly helps you take the first steps towards your weightloss journey. 

Furthermore, there have been two clinical trials in the United Kingdom with a 95% success rate. During the first trial, 24 out of 25 candidates lost a combined 88.9 kg of weight between them in just 5 weeks, all without any surgery or medical procedures required. A second trial which included people who had been denied the actual gastric bypass surgery was 90% sucessful. The average weight loss experienced by VGB is around 1-2kg in the first week and 0.5-1kh in subsequent weeks without any feelings of being deprived of food.

Benefits of VGB

Once you have had VGB sessions, your life will be changed drastically, you will no longer want to eat as much as you used to, without forcing yourself not to. The hypnotist will reprogram your brain in order to boost your confidence and eliminate the need for emotional eating, which is what most people suffer from. VGB programs require clients to lose weight each week in order to not be taken out of the program, which makes it s result driven and motivational approach so that you will have a much better understanding and knowledge of health and wellness.


FatNosis is a program created by Dr. Narindr Vang which focuses on 3 key areas, the first is to Program your mind which will help you take control of your own food by reprogramming you to control your portion sizes, eat healthy, and feel driven to lose weight. The second area uses a wide range of motivational interventions in order to help you reduce emotional eating. This involves being straightforward with the client and motivating them directly. The third area is the 80-20 meal planning system, unlike rigid dieting systems, FatNosis encourages you to still eat a little junk food and slowly cut back in order to make the transition to eating healthy more smooth.

There are many VGB audio files as well as apps available as well where you can simply pay a small fee to get them, however, they are simply generic recordings which will be nowhere near as effective as sessions tailored for each individual so that their particular food habits can be addressed. If you need a VGB consultation, you should definitely consider FatNosis created by Dr. Narindr Vang is the perfect program for those who know what they have to do to lose weight but do not have the mindset or motivation to be successful. It has a very high success rate and doesn’t rely on medical procedures or to go on extreme diets which you are bound to fail at. If you want to set up an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Narindr, feel free to contact at one of the links below.