Why you should try Hypnosis to finally Quit Smoking

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Smokers out there will know that it is extremely difficult to finally be able to quit smoking. It seems like an impossible task and there are too many occasions where you end up relapsing. There are many remedies and treatments to help people stop smoking such as nicotine gums etc. but in order to quit for good, you need to find and solve the root cause of the problem and this is where hypnosis comes in.

Why you should Quit ASAP

There are more than a billion smokers in the world and it is the world’s leading cause of preventable death every year, with over 7 million deaths every year, which is more than the total number of deaths caused by COVID-19. Being a smoker also means that on average, you will die 10 years before non-smokers. Smoking is also the leading cause of cancer worldwide and it has also been shown to accelerate aging. You will have a high risk of cancer in almost every part of your body including your bladder, kidneys, liver, stomach, pancreas, lungs and even more. Furthermore, almost 50% of smokers die prematurely due to a smoking-related disease. 

It’s probably not the first time you have been given this information but it still cannot persuade you to stop. Every smoker knows that they are killing themselves with every cigarette they smoke, and 70% of smokers actually want to quit, however, it can take 30 attempts for them to go only a year of not smoking. So why is this the case? It is extremely difficult because nicotine is an extremely addictive substance, and if you have been smoking for a long time, your body will need it to function properly. One of the biggest reasons why smokers end up relapsing is the withdrawal symptoms they experience when they stop smoking cigarettes, the symptoms depend on each person but the more you smoke, the more severe the symptoms such as nausea, headache, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy is a treatment that affects the subconscious mind, which is responsible for the root causes of our habits. Hypnotherapy resolves our behavioral and emotional problems and is proved to be very effective to treat addiction and disorders such as smoking, eating disorders, phobias and also helps get over traumatic events and memories. A hypnotherapist will guide you into a state of hypnosis or a ‘hypnotic trance’ so that you are able to identify subconscious motivations for your behaviour and make you more open to suggestions for healthy alternatives.

How can Hypnotherapy can make you Quit

There are plenty of options to make you quit by minimizing the withdrawal symptoms you feel such as patches, gums and inhalers, however, hypnotherapy breaks your addiction inside your mind. Nicotine replacement products work by slowly reducing the amount of nicotine in your system, however, hypnotherapy breaks your behaviour and thought patterns associated with smoking such as smoking when you are stressed to feel better. Hypnotherapy sessions work by targeting unconscious motivations for smoking such as reducing boredom, stress etc. and also unconscious triggers that make you smoke such as pouring a drink, finishing a meal or driving.

Hypnosis changes your smoking mindset by giving you suggestions to allow yourself to confront and accept the danger of smoking and no longer see it as something you enjoy. The suggestions may be uncomfortable at first but they will eventually help you overcome your cravings to smoke. It also helps you break the habit by letting go of your old routine and breaking down the negative thought patterns related to smoking so that you will no longer get affected by triggers. Furthermore, it also helps you to support your journey to quit in the long run and prevent yourself from relapsing. 

There have been studies that have reported hypnosis as a very effective method to stop smoking. They also reported that those who took hypnotherapy were more likely to successfully quit smoking in 3 months and 6 months as compared to those who took nicotine replacement therapy. Another study revealed that 48% of the participants were abstinent from smoking after a year, which is a huge number as usually only 4-6% of smokers actually manage to quit for good.

If you have tried to quit smoking many times using other methods and failed then you should definitely not give up. Hypnosis could be the answer to your problems and once you stop smoking, you will gain many benefits such as reduced likelihood of premature death. You will also have higher energy levels, which is very useful especially in the modern world where you have lots of different types of work and lots of things going on in your life. You will also appear more youthful once you have given up smoking as your skin will appear more youthful. Ofcourse, your breathing will also improve and your lung capacity can increase by as much as 10% a year after you quit. In the long term, you will also feel less stressed and you will gain financial benefits not only due to the money you save not buying a pack a day, but also due to the increased productivity you will experience after quitting. If you are interested in booking a consultation for a hypnosis session to finally eliminate the need to smoke then do not hesitate to contact Dr. Narindr at one of the links below.