Why you NEED a “Workout Wife” to finally lose all that weight

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Have you ever tried to lose weight but gave up after a few days or weeks? Most of us have. Losing weight is not easy for everyone, some people are lucky enough to find it easy while some actually enjoy working out and fully commit themselves to a healthy lifestyle. For the rest of us, it is extremely difficult to follow a weight loss plan and actually manage to lose all that weight. Worry not, an accountability partner or a “Workout Wife” will help.

Why you NEED a “Workout Wife” to finally lose all that weight


You’re probably sick and tired of constantly giving up on multiple fitness programs before you complete them. It’s always the same, you start losing weight at the beginning of the fitness program, then it starts getting harder and harder to shed the pounds, then you start feeling annoyed and you start to procrastinate. If you want to significantly increase your chances of seing through your weight loss plan and get rid of those pounds for good then you SHOULD have an accountability partner, or a “Workout wife” as some people call it because it requires the same amount of commitment.

What is an Accountability Partner?

An accountability partner is someone who you can establish who will commit to help the other one achieve their goals and hold them accountable for their progress. It is also an informal relationship, however th ecommintment must be huge as they are someone who you share your goals with and report your progress to. Your accountability partner can also have the same goals as you which makes it possible to motivate each other to achieve the same goal.

According to a study, if you tell someone else about your goal, there is a 65% chance you will complete your goal. But if you have an accountability partner who you share your progress with and who is committed, then your chance of achieving your goal is 95%, yes, that's right, it sounds too good to be true, but it is and many studies have proven it. So you should definitely start your search for a “Workout Wife” as soon as possible.

Who should be your Accountability Partner?

Your accountability partner can be a friend of yours as long as they are someone who is able to help you stay on track and encourage you to keep following your weight loss plan. They also must cheer you on when you are not feeling it and are strong enough to confront you and hold you accountable if you start getting off the plan. A family member is recommended because you are constantly in contact and around them at home so it will be much more effective for you as they will be able to keep on top of you for 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Furthermore, your accountability partner doesn’t have to be someone with the same goals or interests as you, and it can also be interesting as you will be able to learn more about their background and how they motivate themselves.

How to find an Accountability Partner?

Well, you can defintely start looking at people around you, if you have a spouse, they can also be a good accountability partner if they are not too pushy and aggressive. If they get on top of you too much such as making you fast for more than 12 hours a day etc. you will likely get depressed and quit. On the other hand, if they have the same goals as you then it could be a perfect match as you will be able to workout together and have the same meals, it will also help improve your relationship and make you feel better mentally. Siblings or best friends can also be a good option for you.

In order to get a partner, you can simply reach out to them and ask them. Make sure you do not force them to become your partner, you should let them know about your weight loss plan and your goals and simply ask them if they would like to help you and besome your accountability partner.

If you do not have anyone that can become a potential partner, then you can turn to finding them online. There are many Facebook groups and apps as well such as Supporti and Actionbuddy whichallows you to find a partner online to help keep track of you. This way, you will also have the opportunity to meet new people you might find interesting and even possibly have the opportunity to learn from them.

How to set up an Acountability Partnership?

First of all, both you and your partner should agree on goals that each of you are working towards. After that, you must agree on meeting up regularly in order to track each other’s progress and get some feedback from each other and come up with targets to hit until the next meeting.

Meetings can take place anywhere such as Zoom, Facetime, at a coffee shop or even plan discussions at home if your partner is in your household. You should find the most convenient method for both of you so that it will be easier to keep the partnership going and prevent it from getting tiring. There are no rules on the time interval between meetings, but try to look at both of your schedules and come up with a comfortable time interval between meetings so that it is easier to maintain the relationship. The most important thing after setting everything up is Honesty and Commitment. You must not lie or give the wrong information to your partner and you must be fully committed to achieving each  other’s goals, otherwise there is no point in even starting a partnership if you’re going to end up lying about your progress.

If you wan’t to finally be able to lose those pounds after failing in the past and get that dream body of yours then having an accountability partner will increase your chances by up to 95%, which is basically saying that you WILL finally make it through and succeed. Anyone you knoe can become your accountability partner as long as they will be committed to track your progress, if you do not know anyone who might be able to help you then you can always search for one through facebook groups and specialized websites. If you need professional help or someone to talk to about your weight loss journey who will be able to fix your mindset then do not hesitate to contact Dr. Narindr at one of thelinks below.

Why you NEED a “Workout Wife” to finally lose all that weight