How Using a Virtual Gastric Band will make you lose weight

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When it comes to wanting sustainable weight loss, one of the best methods is to use virtual gastric bands to reprogram your mind to eating smaller meals.

How Using a Virtual Gastric Band will make you lose weight

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It reduces the chance of overeating

When you are overweight or obese, it means you are overeating food, which causes your stomach to expand over time to accommodate it. This is why when you get larger, you’ll find your appetite drastically increases. A meal a few years ago you would find filling, will seem like it's not enough. By using a virtual gastric band, you have tricked your brain into believing that your stomach is much smaller. Over time, you will become accustomed to your diminished appetite, which will make you get better at portion control.

It helps you achieve long term results

Since you believe you can’t eat as much food as before, long-term weight loss is much more achievable. In the beginning, most people want to lose as much weight as possible in the shortest time frame, but it is unrealistic and will only end in frustration and disappointment. Just eating smaller meals will make a big change! By believing you have a smaller stomach, it will lead you to eat appropriate portion sizes, which will already be putting you on a calorie deficit. Two-thirds of your body fat in the coming months will go away just by the change.

Avoiding surgery

For many people, like even yourself, surgery is a scary process to go through, whether it’s cosmetic or for health. When thinking of using a weight loss surgery, it’s a lot more complicated than just going through with the surgery. Nearly 80% of patients who use gastric band surgery experience uncomfortable side effects like nausea and regurgitation. You might find that the surgery doesn’t work for you, or even is causing pain in the long term, which would require you to remove the band. The procedure also has strict criteria who can be qualified to have it alongside with inside price tag, ranging around $25,000 in the U.S. Knowing the hurdles people found in trying to get the gastric band or other types of weight-loss inducing surgery, people have looked for alternatives, one being gastric band hypnotherapy.

But what is a virtual gastric band?

Unlike its weight loss counterparts like the gastric band gastric sleeve, it’s a non-surgical technique that uses hypnosis to retrain your brain to eat smaller amounts of food. When you do surgery it can be invasive, prone you to future health risks, and is a drawn-out process.  The virtual gastric band is a safe method to give you the illusion of a smaller stomach, which will lead you to have more moderate portion sizes.

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How Using a Virtual Gastric Band will make you lose weight

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