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"I didn't want to give up smoking"

Liz Monterio

Hi, my name is Elizabeth and i'm an ex-smoker. Last year, I made the decision to quit smoking but felt that i would need help with that. After the research on how hypnosis can be helpful with getting rid of this smelly habit, I found Dr. Narindr. I never had any kinds of psychological treatments before and had never experienced hypnosis either, which made me feel a little afraid and skeptical when i first entered that room. He was very kind and we had a good conversation. He answered all the questions I had and explained how the treatment worked, so I felt excited about it again and hade m first hypnosis session. After that, I came home as a non-smoker. I never felt like smoking cigarettes anymore, never missed them or hated them. I just do not have any feelings towards it and I don't even think about smoking. I'm very happy and proud of myself again and I thank Dr. Narindr for helping me to be a healthier person.


"Big Personal & Emotional Breakthroughs"


I've been a heavy smoker for over 9 years and seeked help from Dr. Narindr as I was finally ready to quite but definitely needed some help after various failed attempts by myself. Dr. Narindr's method of communicating with the subconscious and therefore getting to the root of the problem blew my mind! We managed to find and release the trapped emotion that caused me to smoke in the first place and I stopped right then and there. It's been 10 days now and the cravings are minimal! No desire to smoke whatsoever and the process was painfree, effective and holistic! I would highly recommend going to see Dr. Narindr, especially when seeking to treat addiction problems! I'm entirely grateful to have found him and hope that many other people will too!

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